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Design, Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Construction, Testing, Installation, Commissioning of all elements of the New Services Substation Building and associated facilities, utilities and infrastructure in accordance with the Latest Design Specifications & Latest International Codes & Standards at Das Island. Briefly, the project scope includes the below:
* Detailed Engineering
* HSE Studies & IVB
* Demolition/clearing the Site, Site Grading
* Construction of Reinforced Concrete Substation Building
* Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of all equipment’s (11KV AIS Switchgear with HMI, PMS Modification, 11kV Switchgear Modification, Standalone ECMS, Distribution Transformers, LV Switchgear, Distribution Boards, Lighting and Small power, lightning, cabling earthing, AC UPS, etc.)
* Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of MV, LV Power and Control cables, Tie-in from Power substation (APS-2) to new Substation Building, Cabling between Old Airport Substation & new police substation, TLQ Substation and Batching Plant Substation.
* Provision of all utilities (Electrical, Telecom, Mechanical, HVAC, F&G, Drainage, Fire-Fighting, Water supply, Telecom, Safety, Security) and tie-in with existing network/facilities as required
* As-built & Final Documentation

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26 Jun, 2021


ADNOC Offshore

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