Project Details

* Project Management
* Topography, Underground services detection survey
* Geotechnical Survey
* Detailed Design & Engineering (Multidisciplinary)
* Carry out all design reviews, constructability reviews and other relevant workshops studies/reports
* Vendor Engineering * Procurement of Equipments (Battery Chargers, F&G systems etc)
* Inspection (FAT)
* Manpower & Equipment Mobilization
* Construction of new battery rooms including HVAC, small power & lighting, Fire & Gas system etc
* Arrangement of Temporary DC Supplies, Ancillary & Support Services
* Transfer DC Loads, decommissioning & demolition of existing Battery Charger
* Installation, Testing & Comm of new battery chargers and battery banks
* Lighting & Small power system for new battery room
* Power distribution for new HVAC system in battery rooms
* Modification to existing FACPs and provision of new FACP
* Marine transportation

Project Info




26 Jun, 2021


ADNOC Offshore

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