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* Preparation and issuance of as found report and recommendations
* Perform a thorough Cleaning and Conduct Oil BDV test and DGA analysis
* Un-tanking of the core-winding assembly.
* Leak test on tank by dye penetration test and associated parts
* Shot blast the tank and apply paint as per company , MNL 01, conservator, cooler and associated parts (painting process shall be suitable for harsh /corrosive marine environment
* Unwind the existing windings and take note of design and construction data of both HV and LV windings
* Reverse engineering, manufacture the new HV and LV windings as per existing design, supply of winding coil & material and rewinding.
* Replacement of oil
* Test/check/calibrate all protective or indicative devices of the transformer (such as OTI, WTI, MOG, Buchholz Relay etc.) and ‘supply& replace if defective
* Carry out final assembly of transformer.
* Conduct Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)
* Carry all necessary tests as per IEC publication nos. 60076-1 & 60076-3.
* Load test of transformer and certify the same by the Company approved Third party.
* Return transformers to COMPANY supply base at Mussafah. Transformer to be adequately protected against dust/humidity and damage and suitably packed for offshore shipment.
* Testing of transformers at Offshore locations

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26 Jun, 2021


ADNOC Offshore

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