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SIte Survey & Data Collection, Residual Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of below Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrument Schemes:
* Piping and Instrumentation works related to Permanent Bypass of Gas Boot Operation Civil, Structural, Piping, Cathodic Protection works related to replacement of 4” closed drain header and associated piping
* Civil, Access Platform, Piping & Instrumentation works for additional Level Transmitter on Gas Oil Separator for Indication and High Trip
* Instrumentation works related to replacement of Dry Gas Seal Pressure Switches with Pressure Transmitters
* Civil, Piping, Instrumentation works to avoid Condensate Carry Over and High Level Protection for HP Fuel Gas Scrubber
* Civil works related to Berm Seal replacement of Crude Oil Storage Tanks
* Electrical works related to removal of Shunt Trip Coils of DC Breakers and provision of ON/OFF status on Electrical Control System in Control Room
* Electrical works for Motor Feder Graphics for main contactor status and breaker status of DC UPS in Electrical Control System in Control Room
* Provision of Locking devices for Substation Doors, Breakers in DB’s

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26 Jun, 2021


ADNOC Offshore

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