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SIte Survey & Data Collection, Residual Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of below Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrument Schemes:
* Installation of new Steel Container for Electrical equipment Store.
* Replacement of Existing Vortex Flow Meter (460-FT-076) with the new Magnetic Flow Meter.
* GDU inlet header pressure control and open 412-K-001 Anti surge valve in case of GDU trip.
* LT flushing ring drain connected to closed drain header.
* Replacement of Globe valve at downstream of rotameters.
* Requirement of additional lighting fixtures and Utility Power sockets.
* Requirement of Utility connections (Service Water & Nitrogen).
* Requirement of 230V AC Redundant power supply for GT Servers Network switches in MKVie HMI panel at GT1-5 local control room for MARK Vie upgrade project.
* Replacement of Lube Oil Pressure Switch with Transmitter of existing GT#1 to GT#5
* Provision of Pressure Transmitter at 413-PI-001
* Provide online calibration facilities such as DBB etc. for instruments in Satah Units, Export Compressor (UNIT 411) and Amine Bypass Compressor (UNIT 412) to reduce shutdown time for Preventive Maintenance (PM) of HSECS Items.
* Replacement of Pneumatic Level Transmitter with Electronic Type & Obsolete Micro Pak Valve.
* Diaphragm failure case of Pressure switches 460-PSL-240 & 460-PSL-238 (460-P-102B/C) Stabilized crude pumps in SATAH.
* Requirement of partial stroke testing facility for critical HSECS, SDVS / XVs to avoid shutdown.

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26 Jun, 2021


ADNOC Offshore

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